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Nintendo 3DS Banwave Thoughts Error Code: 002-0102

None of my Nintendo has been affected by the banwave. It appears that users are being banned from 3DS online services, en masse. There’s no direct cause right now, and seemingly no linking factor. This post is meant as an announcement for users, to be …

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Super Mario Run ‘804-5100’ Fix (For Rooted Android Devices)

Your Android Device must be rooted to do this procedure. Android File manager I’m using is Root Explorer ○Make sure the game is fully stopped or forced closed ○Navigate to the directory path of the device’s internal storage: ‘/’/data/data/com.nintendo.zara/shared_prefs ○Find the file named ‘device.Account:.xml’ inside …

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Nintendo Switch has a design flaw … Already?!? (EDITED)

I wondering if that click sound that is iconic to the Switch was actually the kickstand breaking off. I’m just saying. The video was removed due to Nintendo striking people for anything negative about the system or modding. ▶ Hardware Info ▶ Title: Nintendo Switch …

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