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Ultra-mobile PC MAL-FWTVPCM1 Equipped with M.2 slot

FFF SMART LIFE CONNECTED Co. , Ltd. has started pre-order sales of the 8-inch UMPC “MAL-FWTVPCM1”. The first sale commemorative price is limited to $400 USD (normally $550 USD). Shipment started on April 20.

 It is a product with an 8-inch IPS liquid crystal display with WUXGA resolution (1,920 x 1,200 dots) that supports touch operation, and is equipped with Gemini Lake generation Pentium Silver N5000 and Windows 10 Pro. The size of the main body is 200.6 x 130.6 x 17.9 mm (width x depth x height), which is very compact and weighs about 665 g. Uses a metal housing.

 It is also a convertible type 2 in 1 with a hinge that rotates 360 degrees, and it can also be used as an 8-inch tablet. The acceleration sensor works only when the tablet is in operation, and the screen does not rotate when using a laptop, and the keyboard is also disabled.

Furthermore, it is equipped with an expansion slot that supports M.2 Type 2242, and you can add M.2 SSDs with SATA connections. By preparing a separate SSD, you can escape apps and games that do not fit in the built-in storage (eMMC 128GB).

 The keyboard has a Japanese layout, and the key pitch has been increased while using UMPC, making it easier to enter Roman characters. It also has a keyboard backlight. A fingerprint authentication sensor compatible with Windows Hello is also installed at the upper right corner. The mouse cursor can be moved with the central pointing device.

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Link: http://www.marshal-no1.jp/

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