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PS4 Jailbreak & “Backups” Playing; PlayStation Credit Card; Xbox One Game Gifting; 1-2 Switch on PC

PS4 Jailbreak;
It has taken a long time to occur, since the original exploits showing Linux running on the v1.76 PlayStation 4 consoles, but over the last week the scene has been on fire, after a series of rapid-fire tweets, updates, and teaser videos, it is now openly possible to play ‘backups’ on your v1.76 PS4 and also to play ‘homebrew’, and there is now homebrew SDK library in works, and soon alot more will occur on v1.76,

PlayStation Credit Card;
If you’re a PlayStation fan, you probably use your credit card for a lot: games, add-ons, the virtually obligatory Plus subscription and the occasional accessory. Wouldn’t it be good if you could at least get some compensation for pouring so much money into Sony’s coffers? If you live in the US, you can. Sony has launched a Visa-based PlayStation credit card from Capital One that gives you discounts and redeemable points if you shop for Sony gear or PlayStation services.

Xbox One Game Gifting;
If you’ve ever wanted to gift an Xbox One game but didn’t want to saddle the recipient with a physical copy (or an impersonal gift card), you’re in luck. So long as you’re part of the Xbox Insider Program, Microsoft’s promised game gifting feature is now available for Xbox One titles through the console’s online store, including some Windows 10 games that support Play Anywhere. You can either send a title directly to one of your Xbox Live friends or to an email address. The recipient only has to redeem a code to claim their game.

1-2 Switch on PC;
When the Nintendo Switch got released, one of the most popular ‘party games’ is the 1-2 Switch game, and now homebrew developer ‘EP8Script’ has redone the game itself on the PC using just images and sounds from original and simulating the mini-games in Microsoft Small Basic, and adding controls to allow usage of Wii Remotes to better simulate the motion action of the Switch Joy-Con’s.
Link: http://bfy.tw/EGc4

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