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Xbox One Custom Gamerpic New UI (Tutorial Walkthrough)

At long last the Xbox team has added a feature to the Xbox One console, this is another part of the continued Creators Update development, that allows gamers and club owners to use a custom image to represent their profile/club to others.

At this point in the features development, grabbing an image from your OneDrive cloud based storage is not supported so you must use a USB drive as indicated in the guide from Microsoft. I would expect this to be supported in the near future since the console already supports accessing your cloud storage through the OneDrive app.

— Prepare a custom Gamerpic image. The image must be at least 1080 x 1080 pixels. The following formats are supported: png, jpg.
— Save the image to a USB flash drive, and insert the drive into one of the Xbox One’s USB ports.
— On your Xbox One, launch the Guide, select your Profile, and navigate to My profile → Customize profile → Change gamerpic.
— Select Upload a custom image, select your USB flash drive, and choose your custom Gamerpic image.
— The image will load into an editor; use LT, RT, and right stick to highlight what section of the image will become your Gamerpic.
— Once satisfied, select Upload.

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