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Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Phone

The foldable Galaxy X phone has been busy collecting certifications – from the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth authorities and now one from South Korea Communications Commission.

This certification mentions the familiar model number – SM-G888N0 – but doesn’t betray much more than that. The “N0” suffix reportedly marks a Korean model. Things are looking good for a launch in the holiday quarter, but when a worldwide launch may happen is unclear.

From Samsung’s patent drawings, it looks like the company intends to take the widescreen to an extreme – the whole internal side of the flip phone will be covered in a flexible screen. That would make it much, much wider than the S8’s 18.5:9 screen.

Link: http://rra.go.kr/ko/license/A_b_popup.do?app_no=201717210000210643

▼ Device Info▼
Title: Samsung Galaxy X
Certification Number: MSIP-CMM-SEC-SMG888N0
Manufacturer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Country: Korea
Certification Date: 2017-09-21

▶ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/southside
▶ Twitter: https://twitter.com/s0uthsidetv
▶ Video: https://youtu.be/uB9wL0BUx-k

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