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NoNpDRM: 100% Compatibility with PS Vita Backups (Vitamin 3.0)

TheFlow described his upcoming plugin as an equivalent of Vitamin 3.0. In practice, it is a plugin that will bypass the license check for official Vita games, implying 100% compatibility with “backups”. According to TheFlow this will be achieved by generating a fake license for the game.

The hacker states this will fix the many issues that exist today with PS Vita “backups”. With NoNpDRM, the backup copies will be as close as can be to an official game, meaning that DLC and updates should work as they would with an official game. This will also eliminate the issues of “bad dumps” that people encounter with the existing iso dumping tools such as Mai.

Of course, the obvious use case for this plugin will be ps vita game piracy. However, there are a few legit use cases of this tool for owners of a hacked PS Vita. Specifically, those of us who want to stay on firmware 3.60 but still get the latest games updates or DLC will probably find this tool useful. Despite losing PS Store access for a reason or another, people should be able to still get their games updated thanks to NoNpDRM. Additionally, those of us with multiple accounts on the same console (something that is possible on a hacked PS Vita) will find it useful to be able to start a given game without having to switch accounts constantly. Last but not least, as TheFlow mentions, this will let people with a non activated vita play their legally acquired games.

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