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Nintendo Switch : 9.9.17

Nintendo Switch, firmware 3.0.2, was released. Although at this time it appears that the update is not compulsory to access online services such as the eShop, this might change as Nintendo could make the latest firmware required for eShop at some point.

Unsurprisingly, many users on the scene are wondering if they should update, especially since firmware 3.0.1 already patched some of the most important exploits found so far. If you’re stuck on 3.0.1, it might feel like it makes sense to update to 3.0.2 now.

On the other side of the fence however, Nintendo Switch hackers recommend not to update, and we’ll echo their statement here: unless you have a good reason to update, if you eventually want homebrew on your console, you should always stay on as low a firmware as you can.

It does not mean that anyone today has good (public) reasons to believe that 3.0.2 is more secure than 3.0.1, or that 3.0.1 has a specific exploit that got patched with this release. But lower firmwares are always, mathematically, more vulnerable than higher firmware. If only because you can ultimately update from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2, but not the other way around.

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